Optical: Foggy glasses. Really ugh.

I'm sure all Canadians agree that foggy glasses are one of the  most frustrating things about winter (besides dirty windshields, wet feet, slippery sidewalks and bone-numbing cold).  It's pretty evident that the foggy glasses can put you in all kinds of awkward situations: walking into a coffee shop to meet your friend ... but you can't see them waving at you,  entering your warm home after shoveling your drive ... but not seeing your child's toy you just stepped on, checking out a steamy pipe at work ... and you're temporarily blinded. 

Did you know that you can do something about your foggy glasses?  There is a lens produced by Essilor called Optifog.  This lens has a chemical (i.e. magic) component built into it which can be activated by wiping the foggy lens with a cloth aptly called the Optifog Activator Cloth

You can get Optifog lenses in almost every prescription - and they're not just for the winter!  Just think of all the times you went from an air conditioned building to the steamy heat of summer.  You can even put the lenses into sports goggles to help prevent fogging when you get sweaty!   Check out more about the lens at www.optifog.ca or come in and talk to one of our opticians at eye-bar for more information.


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