Frequently Asked Questions

Eye Exams

Q: Is eye-bar still accepting new patients? Absolutely.

Q: Is your clinic open on Saturdays and Sundays? We are open on Saturdays, but not on Sundays.

Q: When does my eyeglass prescription expire? That all depends on what your optometrist recommended. Most prescriptions however expire within 1 year if it’s not noted otherwise on the prescription.

Q: Can I use my eyeglass prescription to order contact lenses online? Please don’t. These are very different prescriptions and you may cause damage to your eyes. It’s important to have a professional contact lens fitting by an optometrist to ensure that the contact lenses will not damage or harm your eyes. Just talk to your optometrist at your next eye exam. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. 

Q: How do I get an eyeglass prescription? Book an eye exam with one of our onsite optometrists, or ask your last eye doctor for a copy of your exam information.


Q: Do you sell your products online? Not at this time. In order to offer the best possible service and to ensure that your eyeglasses and sunglasses fit properly we still recommend that you shop in store. 

Q: Can you change the lenses out of my current frame? You bet. If you still love them and they look great, then why change what works. We refer to this process as reglazing.

Q: Can I use another eye doctors prescription to buy new eyeglasses at eye-bar? Absolutely, people do it all the time.

Q: Is all your product on your website? No. We only show a small sampling of our eyewear online,  the rest must be seen to be experienced.