Lens, Frame, Contacts & Rx Prescription Warranty

Thank you for trusting eye-bar optometrists, opticians & eyewear specialists with all of your eye care needs. When it comes to your eyes, you want to make sure you choose the best possible care. As such, we are continually trying to improve our customer service and your clinic experience. Your suggestions are always welcomed and appreciated. Please send any suggestions or concerns to us at hello@eye-bar.ca. 

All prescription eye wear is custom ordered at the time of purchase. As such, we cannot offer partial or full refunds once your order has been placed. All sales are final.

Lifetime Frame Adjustment Warranty

We will happily adjust or professionally clean your eye-bar eyeglasses or sunglasses for the lifetime of the product.

Optical Lenses & Coatings Warranty

eye-bar only uses the highest quality optical lenses and coatings which are guaranteed against lens crazing (peeling) or manufacturer defects for one year from the date of purchase. This is a one-time replacement guarantee and must be in the same prescription as the original order. Lens warranties do not cover scratches caused by normal wear or improper care and handling.

Eyeglass Prescription Warranty

eye-bar believes in optimizing your vision. With any new eyeglass prescription, there may be some adaptation time required to adjust. If you are still experiencing visual discomfort after 2 weeks, please contact eye-bar. An eye-bar doctor will gladly re-check your eye-bar prescription at no charge within 90 days form the date of the original exam. If a prescription recheck is required after 90 days a full eye exam is required to check to ensure that the change is not health related. If you received an eye exam elsewhere, we would recommend contacting your optometrist for an prescription recheck.

Contact Lens Warranty

eye-bar provides trial contact lenses with every disposable contact lens fitting to ensure that you are happy with your new prescription contact lenses prior to purchasing. In addition, if you experience contact lens defects after your purchase, we will replace any defective lenses at no-charge*. If you have multiple lenses that are defective, they may need to be sent to the manufacture to determine the cause. Replacement lenses are not be available for custom or specialty contact lens orders.  

Non-Adaptation Warranty

Occasionally, you may not feel visually comfortable in your new prescription eyewear. Should this occur, your eye doctor may need to adjust the prescription. eye-bar will happily remake the lenses one time at no cost within 30 days of your purchase. Any additional remakes will be at the patients expense. 

If you cannot adapt to your new progressive lenses within 30 days, we will provide you with a one time lens adjustment. This lens adjustment may be into a different progressive lens design of equal or lesser value, lined style bifocal or single vision reading lens. No adjustment in price is provided. 

*See store for details, some restrictions may apply.