modo eyewear fall launch event

MODO paper-thin eyewear collection


Paper Thin

Defined by slim silhouettes and simple constructions, this minimalistic collection of ultra-thin frames combines design and function for beautiful results. Pushing the limits of innovation and comfort, these are some of the lightest optical frames in the world.

Pricing @ $295


Paper Thin Acetate

A sophisticated balance of flair and form distinguishes this sleek collection of lightweight frames. Paper-Thin yet ultra-resilient, the collection combines the comfort and lightness of titanium with an acetate rim to create exciting textures and vibrant hues.

Pricing @ $295


Defined by slim silhouettes, innovative materials, and simple constructions, the MODO collection combines design and function for beautiful results. By pushing the limits of optical technology and comfort, we offer unparalleled strength and lasting quality.

The perfect balance of style and purpose.

Frames Starting @ $295

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ALL NEW | 3-D Carbon Capsule Collection


MODO’s newest innovation in eyewear

3D Printed | Carbon Reinforced | Swiss Made

Frames @ $395

* See store for details
* Promo pricing only available on Modo, Derek Lamb and Eco eyewear.
All regular eye-bar products will not be available for sale during the launch party.