Eye Exams - Ophthalmology Referrals


eye-bar is set up to handle most primary eye care problems and emergencies that may arise. During your comprehensive or medical eye health examination your optometrist will be closely examining your eyes for eye diseases, systemic problems and neurological conditions. If any of these conditions are detected by your optometrist during the eye exam, further testing may be performed.

If further specialized eye tests or treatments are required, the optometrist will take care of arranging an appointment with a local area ophthalmologist in Sherwood Park or Edmonton who specializes in your specific eye care condition. eye-bar works closely with  local Sherwood Park & Edmonton ophthalmologist to ensure a continuity of care. If you are from out of town, we will try to arrange an appointment with an ophthalmologist close to your home town or city whenever possible. However, we will always try to choose the best ophthalmologist for your condition, who can see you in a timely manner. 

Steps Involved:  

  1. All patients will require a routine eye examination with one of our optometrists to determine the nature of the visual problem and the best initial treatment plan.
  2. If a referral is required, your optometrist will provide a referral letter to the eye specialist for them to review. There is no charge for this service.
  3. eye-bar will book an appointment with the ophthalmologist at the next soonest available date
  4. eye-bar will contact you with all the information about the: date, time, location, and doctors name
  5. eye-bar will receive a follow-up letter by the ophthalmologist outlining the findings and treatment plan

**Important: If you are unable to attend your appointment because of a conflict in your schedule or any other reason, it's important to contact the ophthalmologists office as soon as possible to reschedule. This helps to ensure that there is no delay in your treatment.

Common Eye Conditions that Require a Referral to Ophthalmology


Cataracts is a common and natural aging condition of the lens structure within the eye. Cataracts slowly develop over a number years, but may form more rapidly in some patients. Risk factors include: a family history of cataracts, smoking cigarettes, not wearing protective sunglasses and diabetes. Your optometrist will initially be able to manage your cataract develop in the early stages by updating your eyeglass or contact lens prescription to ensure you have optimal vision. Eventually however, a referral for cataract surgery may be required to restore visual acuity to more optimal levels. 


Important - Out of Province or Out of Country Patients: Please be aware that if you do not have Alberta Health Care additional fees and charges may apply for a referral to an ophthalmologist. Our office will try to provide you with an estimated cost to ensure that there are no surprises.