Eye Exams - Teens.....ages 13-18

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Teenagers have increased visual demands that require regular eye health and vision examinations by an optometrist.  These annual eye exams are covered under Alberta Health Care and we recommend that parents and teenagers take advantage of this service.

Increased near point strain from tablets, computers and books, plus smart board demands in the classroom can all lead to eyestrain. Optimal eye sight can help to reduce avoidance of near point activities and improve concentration in the classroom. Teenagers can also benefit from the latest non-glare lenses to help reduce reflections and visual fatigue from overhead lights.

Competition in sports also increases at this age and children already wearing eyeglasses may now benefit from the use of contact lenses.

For information on eye exams for children (ages 0-12), please visit our Children's Eye Exam section.


Teens & Contact Lenses

Teens often begin to express interest in trying to wear contact lenses. Contact lenses can safely be worn by teens of any age; however, contact lenses are best for those with a willingness to care for and wear contact lenses properly. During a contact lens fitting appointment, an eye-bar optometrists will work with your teen to show him or her how to insert, remove and care for their contact lenses. Prescriptive eyewear however is still very important because eyes do need a break from contact lenses. 

Teens & Prescription Eyewear

We typically find a cool pair of eyeglasses are key to teens actually wearing their eyeglasses at home and at school. At eye-bar, we travel all over the world (Paris, Milan, New York, Las Vegas) to bring the very best eyewear collections to eye-bar. Beyond sourcing cool, stylish and on-trend frames, we pay special attention to the fit. Often teens require a smaller fit of frames. We completely understand price is an important consideration when purchasing frames for teenagers. At eye-bar, we promise you’ll find a great frame offering the best vision possible at an affordable price.

Teenagers & Driver's License

Getting a driver's license is a very exciting rite of passage for teenagers. Vision      should be evaluated prior to obtaining a driving license to ensure optimal      acuity for daytime and night time driving. Anyone receiving a driver’s license requires a basic vision screening before getting your Alberta operator’s license. These vision screenings however only test for the minimum vision standards, and do not take into account varying driving conditions. At eye-bar, we believe everyone needs to keep the roads safe by ensuring optimal vision for driving at any time of the day, during a multitude of conditions including darkness, sunlight and more.

Teens & Sunglasses

Until we reach our 20s, our eyes will let in way more damaging light than older eyes will throughout the rest of their lifetime. Ultraviolet light is the main culprit (primary sources are the sun and reflected sunlight on water, sand, snow and roads). This makes sunglasses essential for protecting young eyes. Every teenager should own a pair of quality sunglasses. For sports, we highly recommend our line-up of Oakley sunglasses, which also provide added eye protection.

* If you do not have Alberta Health Care, standard professional fees apply