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Dr. Amy Bakelaar, O.D.
Optometrist, Sherwood Park

Dr. Amy Bakelaar, Optometrist in Sherwood park

Dr. Amy Bakelaar, Optometrist in Sherwood park

I believe that serving my patients well requires attention to their lifestyle needs - I truly get to know my patients and what type of daily activities are important to them. The best part of what I do as an optometrist is problem-solve for their visual needs and in the meantime I feel like I’ve made another friend. A lot of my clients say I have a knack for helping them pick the perfect frame and I love watching them admire themselves in their new glasses! Since I started practicing optometry, there have been many technology and treatment changes which keeps my work dynamic and exciting.

One of my greatest privileges has been volunteering in numerous eye care missions. I have been all over the world working to provide vision care to people who otherwise would never have an opportunity to see clearly. It’s heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time and one of my favourite ways to share my career. I absolutely love it.

My hobbies include hiking all over the world and travelling to unusual places to experience unusual things, I’m always ready to listen to tales of adventure and to take recommendations. Sometimes, however, the calm contentment of staying at home with my family and laughing at our German Shepherd is the best way to spend a day.