Eyewear Spotlight: Adin Thomas


Brand: Aiden Thomas
Price Point: $175.00

Adin Thomas put forth an elegant collection of eyewear for their 2017 Summer collection. Known for their vibrant colours and design details these prescription-friendly, handmade acetate frames are sure to get noticed.
With spring just around the corner, and the water pooling in the streets this week, we can't help to think and talk about the colours of summer!

Doesn't the above frame just scream sundress fun? 

The Adin Thomas 356-C2 frame displays translucent teal green with a stimulating violet periwinkle fade down in a subtle geometric design. This fun yet sophisticated frame provides an eclectic combination of colour that can be worn by any skin tone.

Adin Thomas eyewear styles every individual with a colour pop while incorporating flattering
shapes and patterns.


Adin Thomas is part of the Europa Collection of eyewear. Originally founded in 1977, this eyewear design house has repeatedly produced classic and dynamic eyewear for Europe and North America.

Images from: Europa


Why are my eyes so DRY?!

Why are my eyes so DRY?!

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