Lenses - High Definition Optics

Lady drinking coffee wearing black framed eyeglasses with non-glare lenses. Text in image says: Never hide behind your glasses. Let them see your eyes.

Seeing the world clearly and without distortion is the goal behind the selection process of all our optical lenses.

eye-bar carries premium fully coated high-definition eyeglass lenses from the world's foremost optical lens manufacturers, which includes brands such as Hoya, Nikon, Essilor, & Transitions.

We offer an extensive selection of premium optical lenses that use the newest dual surfaced digital free-form lens technology to provide you with largest distortion free field of view and brightest clearest images.


We use Detailed lens and frame measurements to ensure that the prescription your eye doctor provides is maximized to it's fullest potential, resulting in eyeglasses that you will love to wear.

We never use generic prescription lenses.
Brands are built slowly over time by repeatedly producing a high quality
product that meets if not succeeds the customer's expectations.
In the optical industry, this means: better non-glare coatings,
easier to clean surfaces, increased scratch resistance,
improved optical clarity, clearer brighter vision,
less peripheral distortions and longer product warranties.
generic optical lenses simply can't live up to the high visual standards
that we demand for our customers.

All of our optical lenses come standard with premium no-glare anti-reflective coatings and all prescription sunglasses come standard with premium backside no-glare anti-reflective lenses. No-glare anti-reflective lenses help to improve your vision by allowing more light to pass through the lens ( 10-12% more ), resulting in brighter, more vivid, true-to-life colours and images. No-glare anti-reflective lenses also reduce unwanted surface reflections, improve the overall cosmetic appeal and make the lenses themselves appear thinner and less noticeable. No-glare anti-reflective coatings help prevent the thick glass bottle lens effect that everyone hates. All of our optical lenses use premium scratch resistance coatings, and most lenses offer ultraviolet protection from the sun's harmful rays.

As a truly independent eye care provider, eye-bar is not limited in its ability to source the newest lens technologies on the market. Why limit your vision? Stop by and talk with one of our Licensed Opticians about the lens options that best suits your needs and budget.

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