See Coat Blue

 See Coat Blue by Nikon is a revolutionary new anti-reflective lens application designed to reduce the distracting glare caused by high intensity blue light. See Coat Blue lenses by Nikon help to improve contrast and reduce eye strain by partially filtering out blue light rays, thus reducing distracting light scatter within the eye. These lenses may help to reduce visual fatigue when working on computer screens, smart phones, tablets and LED TV screens. As such, eye-bar recommends using Sea Coat Blue anti-reflective lenses on all reading glasses and all computer or office specific eyewear.

This new lens application still contains all the same properties as regular See Coat lenses by Nikon, including: 2 times more scratch resistance, anti-static dust-repellent properties, optimized light transparency, and easy to clean smudge resistance.

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Flexible and Functional Glasses for Kids


eye-bar just brought in a really unique line of kid’s glasses! Miraflex is a line of high-quality flexible frames designed to meet the needs of both eye-bar optometrists and the youngsters who get to wear them. They have no metal components or hinges making them perfect for very young children and babies.

eye-bar doctors are able to detect vision problems and health issues very early on in a child’s life. Many of these issues can be corrected with proper eyewear, so this option for youngsters is perfectly functional (and stylish!).

When you come in to pick out your child’s new eyeglasses, you choose the frame shape and personalize them with your choice of 30 fun colours. We’ll make them for you using a hardy polycarbonate lens that is highly impact resistant.

They’re lightweight and very comfortable so kids won’t be tempted to pull them off. Bring in your kids to choose their colour and get them excited to wear their new glasses!

Competitive Advantage: Know Your Dominant Eye


Whether you're running at top speed and catching a football, or precisely aiming a golf shot, knowing which eye is dominant will help you in any sport.

An athlete can interpret fast action and achieve better head and eye positioning by knowing which eye is dominant. A dominant eye can process visual information more accurately than the non-dominant eye.

Quick Test for Eye Dominance
Use both hands to form a small triangle between the thumbs and first knuckles of your forefingers. With both eyes open and your arms outstretched, move your "triangle" until you have a distant object such as a light switch within the center. Shut your left eye. If the object stays centered, you are right-eye dominant. If the object moves out-of-center, you are left-eye dominant. Interestingly, eye-dominance is not related to if you are right-handed or left-handed.

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