Summer Sunglass Sale On Now

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The Summer Sunglass Sale is on now at eye-bar in Sherwood Park.

Get 50% OFF on Rx Sunglasses

Purchase a complete pair of prescription eyeglasses and get 50% off a complete pair of prescription sunglasses (frame & lenses). It's that simple!

The offer is valid on all Hoya ophthalmic lenses, including single vision, bifocal and of course progressive lenses. Sunglass lenses available include polarized, Transitions VII, and Hoya's Sensity Photochromatic.

Everyone should own a pair of prescription sunglasses!

Protect your eyes this summer from the harmful UV rays that surround us. Stop squinting, and start enjoying the world around you.

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Offers can be combined with vision care and insurance benefits, but may not be combined with any other store offer or discount. Valid eyeglass prescription required. Excludes certain brands including Maui Jim, and Oakley. Discount off retail price. Not valid on previous purchases, contact lenses, accessories, readers, or non-prescription sunglasses. Some restrictions may apply. Offer ends 7/31/2019.

Love your eyewear in any prescription!

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Do your glasses make you feel confident?

thick glasses

Your frame selection needs to take many things into account but it is also critical that your frame suits your prescription needs.

For example, our optometrist, Dr. Amy Bakelaar, has a strong nearsighted prescription (over -10.00) and the proper frame selection is extremely important to her. The frame she chose from Modo’s Eco Fall 2018 Collection will make all the difference in whether or not her new glasses are attractive and wearable - and she’s fussy.

With her high prescription in this bio-based frame, we can calculate that the visible edge thickness of the lens is less than 2mm. Not bad for such a high prescription! If she were to choose a similar metal frame with slightly larger lenses and a slightly lower quality lens material the visible edge thickness would be 8mm. The metal frame barely disguises this thick, ugly lens and Dr. Bakelaar would never wear this, ever.

Our eye-bar optical team will make sure your eyeglass frame selection is carefully considered to work with your prescription. We can calculate the exact thickness of the lens to make sure it looks as good as possible. You will love your glasses. We promise.

Eyewear Spotlight: Adin Thomas


Brand: Aiden Thomas
Price Point: $175.00

Adin Thomas put forth an elegant collection of eyewear for their 2017 Summer collection. Known for their vibrant colours and design details these prescription-friendly, handmade acetate frames are sure to get noticed.
With spring just around the corner, and the water pooling in the streets this week, we can't help to think and talk about the colours of summer!

Doesn't the above frame just scream sundress fun? 

The Adin Thomas 356-C2 frame displays translucent teal green with a stimulating violet periwinkle fade down in a subtle geometric design. This fun yet sophisticated frame provides an eclectic combination of colour that can be worn by any skin tone.

Adin Thomas eyewear styles every individual with a colour pop while incorporating flattering
shapes and patterns.


Adin Thomas is part of the Europa Collection of eyewear. Originally founded in 1977, this eyewear design house has repeatedly produced classic and dynamic eyewear for Europe and North America.

Images from: Europa


Why are my eyes so DRY?!

Why are my eyes so DRY?!

Patients at increased risk for dry eyes include contact lens wearers, computer users, diabetic patients, patients with allergies or asthma, patients taking medications such as hormone replacements or anti-depressants, post-surgery patients (including cataract surgery and LASIK), patients with arthritis or auto-immune diseases and even those who wear CPAP devices for sleep apnea

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