Eyewear Spotlight: SPINE

BRAND: Spine Optics
PRICE RANGE: $295 - $315
AVAILABLE AT: eye-bar optometrist, opticians & sunglass specialists - Sherwood Park, Alberta

Invented by an Italian designer Guido Medana the SPINE line of eyewear features his revolutionary new patented spine hinge. This new frame hinge incorporates an internal cable and spring mechanism that gently grips the frame arm to the wearer, producing a more comfortable fit that doesn't lose shape over time. This technology reduces frame slippage during dynamic head movements and reduces traditional tight points around the temple.

The SPINE line of eyewear was a finalist
for frame of the year in the Optician Awards.

SPINE eyewear incorporates high end materials like cellulose acetate, stainless steel and aluminum to produce a high quality light weight product. While the spine hinge is produced through a innovative manufacturing technique called MIM or metal injection molding. This process allows designers to produce complex metal structures with repeatable accuracy and speed. The spring wire in the spine is said to have a tensile strength of 300kg.

Images & Video via: Spine Optics