Finally! A good option for kids who wear glasses!

Do you know any kids who break their eyeglasses? Or lose their glasses? Who don't like the colour of their glasses?  There are answers to the challenges of kids wearing glasses. Nano Vista frames are sold here at eye-bar! They cater to a wide age range and the various head sizes that come with growing kids.  The colour combinations appeal to every kid's (very specific) tastes and they are sure to wear them if they actually like their glasses!

These frames are completely "child proof". They are made from a patented material called "siliflex" which makes them virtually unbreakable. They have a special hinge that makes the temples very flexible and a comfortable non-slip rubber bridge. Their two-in-one technology allows the frames to be worn from classroom to playground. All models have removable temples covered in soft rubber and can be worn with a mini strap for a tight fit (for active kids) or an elastic head band for a slightly looser fit.

eye-bar now carries Nano Vista children's frames by Aviva Optical! Nano Vista consists of two ranges NANO and Silicon Baby which cater for a wide age range. Both ranges feature virtually unbreakable frames and the innovative "two frames in one" design where each frame is supplied with two options of wearing (temple or headband).