Eye Care Referrals: Royal Alex Hospital

Why do I have to go to the Royal Alex Hospital after seeing my eye doctor?

Your optometrist is qualified to handle the majority of eye care conditions that may arise during a routine eye health exam or emergency eye exam situation. In some eye conditions however, more advance eye care or medical care may be warranted. Some eye findings are simply warming sings of more serious underlying health issues that need to be addressed in order to resolve the visual symptoms you may be experiencing.

Like your family physician, your optometrists can help to coordinate the appropriate eye care required by the most appropriate health care provider. Occasionally, this may be an ophthalmologist that specializes in certain surgical procedures or specific eye diseases.

Why the Royal Alex Hospital? The Royal Alex Hospital is considered the home of ophthalmology in Edmonton and most local ophthalmologist work regular clinic shifts within the eye clinic. Typically, patients must be referred into the Royal Alex Hospital eye care unit by an optometrist, family physician or emergency room physician. These referrals are reserved for urgent eye care needs only and not routine eye health examinations.

If your eye condition is less urgent, and you are still wondering why you were referred to the Royal Alex Hospital. It’s probably because many specialized ophthalmologists have their full time clinics stationed at Royal Alex Hospital and your appointment may simply be with one of them.

FYI: If you ever have any questions or concerns about where one of our optometrist refers you to, please do not hesitate to contact the office. Your optometrist will be happy to explain the reason behind the decision and can make any necessary changes to the appointment when possible.  


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