Who wants free sunglasses for their kids?


Receive a free pair of children's sunglasses just by liking us on Facebook or by bringing your kids in for their annual eye exams!

Here's a shocker: 80% of all the ocular UV damage we experience happens before age 18. The eye of a 10 year old transmits upwards of 75% of UV light to the retina. By the age of 25, it is closer to 10% (1). As the weather (slowly) seems to be warming, your kids will be outdoors more and we want to help protect their eyes. 

We have numerous different sizes and styles to choose from, since a proper fit is half the battle. An interesting fact: If sunglasses are moved only 6mm from the forehead, the amount of UV radiation reaching the eyes can go as his as 45%!(2)

Stop by the store, show us that you're following us, and pick out a pair that fits. You might want to call ahead to see if we still have some left! While supplies last.

Sources: (1) Paul Karpecki, OD, FAAO (2) F.S. Rosenthal, A E Bakalian, CQ Lou, H R Taylor.

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