Teens and Contact Lenses

If your child has healthy eyes, they are motivated, can follow instruction and can be trusted to take care of them, than we can teach almost anyone to wear and take care of contact lenses.

Contact lenses will not make their vision worse, and they will not become lost behind their eyes. Contact lenses can in fact be a safe and healthy addition or alternative to eyeglasses when worn responsibly. They are great for children who are heavily involved in sports, drama classes, or are hard on their eyeglasses.

For many children 1-Day disposable contact lenses may be a great alternative to conventional 2-week or 1-month disposable contacts lenses. There is no cleaning, no solutions, and no dirty lens cases to clean. If they accidentally lose or tear a contact lens, it’s no big deal, just grab a fresh one.

If your child is excited to try contact lenses, please book them in for an eye health examination and contact lenses fitting with one of our optometrists. 

eye-bar carries 1-Day disposable trial contact lenses by Ciba Vision, Acuvue, Cooper Vision and Bausch & Lomb.

Image via: Ciba Vision

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