Caffeine and Cataracts

Could caffeine actually help to prevent or slow down cataracts from forming in your eyes? Recent research shows some potential promise in this area. The development of cataracts in humans is a normal age related change that most of us will face in our lives. Most cataracts develop because of an increase in free-radical formation within the lens structure. Typically this is caused by UV radiation from the sun, as the lens in our eye absorbs most of these rays. Caffeine is a natural free-radical scavenger, which may have positive effects for the eyes. Recently, scientists at the University of Maryland have shown that caffeine can slow down or halt the progression of cataracts. However, this research is only in its infancy, as all of these studies were conducted on lab mice. Many more studies will need to be carried out to determine the commercial viability for humans.

In the mean time, the only way to slow down cataract development is to wear quality sunglasses whenever you are outdoors, stop smoking, and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables (which are also high in anti-oxidants).

**Always discuss any medical treatment with your family doctor or with your eye doctors before starting any therapy to determine if it is right for you. 


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