Save $20.00 on eye-bar sunglasses!


Are you a smarty pants that wants new sunglasses? You're in luck! eye-bar has a sweet deal for the month of June! For every question below that you answer correctly, you get $5 off your new pair of sunglasses (prescription or non-prescription)!

Question 1: What types of ocular damage can be caused by cumulative UV exposure (in addition to solar keratitis, carcinoma, and melanoma)?
 a) macular degeneration
 b) cataracts
 c) ugly, fatty, yellow deposits on the white part of the eye (pinguecula)
 d) wrinkles
 e) all of the above                

Question 2: What time of day is most critical for ocular UV protection?
 a) noon
 b) midnight
 c) rainy days
 d) happy hour
 e) between 8 - 10 am and between 2 - 4 pm when the sun is at an angle

Question 3: How much UV light can get to the eye if your sunglasses don't fit properly?
a) none. I never go outside.
b) none. I close my eyes when I go outside.
c) a wee bit
d) 10%
e) up to 45%

Question 4: Why are kids at high risk for ocular UV damage?
a) the natural sun protection of our eyes is poorly developed until after age 25
b) they tend to spend more time outdoors
c) they forget to wear sunglasses
d) their parents forget to get them sunglasses at eye-bar
e) all of the above

Study the answers, then stop in to take the test and pick out your new shades! Don't worry... if you get stuck, we can help you.

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Is it safe to share eye makeup?


Sharing eye makeup is even more dangerous than sharing lipstick and other makeup.  Besides the risk of using the wrong colour (oh no!) you have a huge risk of spreading viruses via your makeup.  The most common viral infection of the eye is conjunctivitis (also known as pinkeye), which is extremely contagious.  Sharing can also lead to increased risk of warts, cold sores, styes, and bacterial infections.
Mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner, eyelash curlers, and even Latisse - used to stimulate eyelash growth -  can lead to a bad eye infection. Makeup cannot be cleaned of bacteria and viruses from previous use and bacteria are carried from applicators back to the product itself, so using a clean applicator does not decrease the risk.  In fact, the items can be contaminated for weeks unless they are cleaned and disinfected. This is why it's a good idea to discard items such as mascara brushes and other eye makeup if you've had infectious conjunctivitis, even if your eyes have cleared up.
The bottom line is: be selfish with your eye makeup! 

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spotlight: Colourful Eyewear


Color is a major 2013 trend, and not just in eyewear.  This Spanish collection puts a spin on color by incorporating it into clear acetate.  The results are jewelry-like as shown in this modified cateye frame whose top portion is striped and bottom portion is pixelated.  These would look stunning on someone with light brown hair and blue eyes.

To see how you look in these cat-eye glasses, visit eye-bar in Sherwood Park. eye-bar’s opticians and eyewear specialists can help you select your perfect frames.

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Flexible and Functional Eyeglasses for Kids

eye-bar just brought in a really unique line of kid’s glasses! Miraflex makes high-quality, flexible frames designed to meet the needs of both eye-bar optometrists and the youngsters who get to wear them. They have no metal components or hinges making them perfect for young children and babies.

eye-bar doctors are able to detect vision problems and health issues very early on in a child’s life. Many of these issues can be corrected with proper eyewear, so this option for youngsters is perfectly functional (and stylish!).

When you come in to pick out your child’s new eyeglasses, you choose the frame shape and size, then choose from 30 fun colours to personalize them. We’ll make them for you using a hardy polycarbonate lens that is highly impact resistant.

They are lightweight and very comfortable so kids won’t be tempted to pull them off. Bring in your kids to choose their colour and get them excited to wear their new glasses!