style: Vintage Spectacles

History repeats itself – something that rings very true when it comes to the latest styles of eyewear. We can’t get enough of the retro-inspired styles! Cat-eye shapes, round Lennon-type spectacles, Ray Ban’s infamous wayfarers, and Buddy Holly’s iconic glasses are all apparent inspirations for the latest styles in store.

All of the collections at eye-bar have the most modern take on such classic shapes. Stop by and let us pick the best style to suit you.

eye-bar style: Blue Sunglasses

The Look: Blue Hued Sunglasses

Blue sunglasses have been spotted everywhere on the streets of New York. Fun, bold and yet subtle enough to be everyday sunglasses. We covet them.

Buy these blue sunglasses at eye-bar (from top to bottom):
Ray-Ban Justin in azure rubber faded with transparent rubber with brown lenses
Ray-Ban New Wayfarer in blue faded violet with a blue-faded lenses
Ray-Ban New Wayfarer in blue rubber with gradient grey lenses