style: Vintage Spectacles

History repeats itself – something that rings very true when it comes to the latest styles of eyewear. We can’t get enough of the retro-inspired styles! Cat-eye shapes, round Lennon-type spectacles, Ray Ban’s infamous wayfarers, and Buddy Holly’s iconic glasses are all apparent inspirations for the latest styles in store.

All of the collections at eye-bar have the most modern take on such classic shapes. Stop by and let us pick the best style to suit you.

eye-bar style: The Warhol Glasses


Some men’s eyewear is iconic – like Andy Warhol’s frames.

Andy Warhol’s eyewear continues to endure over time (just like his art!). Best known for his role in the movement of pop art, Warhol always saw art and life through some seriously stylish frames.

STYLE: Iconic, Vintage
Tailored, Crisp
FEATURES: Acetate with exposed hardware, a keyhole bridge and round with deeper verticle measurements

At eye-bar, we continue to love the Warhol-look. Our shelves are stocked with fun Warhol-options.

The Warhol’s Poster by Moxy Creative

All I Want for Christmas: Victory Optical Collection

In the December issue of InStyle, fashion designer Rachel Roy shared her holiday gift picks. Toping Rachel's list is a super 'cool and smart' pair of frames by Victory Optical Collection.

At eye-bar, we couldn't agree more. We've been oogling over the coolness of the vintage inspired Victory Optical Collection for over a year now.

Attention Cool Dads: We have these frames.