The Transit of Venus - Get your Eclipse Shades at eye-bar

The TRANSIT OF VENUS.  What exactly is it?  Besides being a super cool astrological phenomenon happening on June 5, 2012?  It is visible as a tiny black dot on the surface of the sun.  Venus is essentially "eclipsing" the sun - similar to a lunar eclipse except because it's so much farther from the Earth, Venus is visible as a much smaller dot.    

Back when it was first observed in the 1700's, some very smart mathematicians used the transit of Venus to calculate the distance of the Earth to the sun and therefore the size of our solar system.  

To witness the event on June 5, it is very important to do it properly.  Your mom (and your optometrist) were right when they told you never to look directly at the sun.  I have taken the precaution of protecting the eyes of the curious and the scientific by ordering in some "eclipse shades".  They are available at eye-bar. Free for anyone who wants one! Come pick up a pair of eclipse shades today!