Motorcycle Approved Eyewear

eye-bar carries and has access to the complete line of motorcycle approved sunglasses and goggles by Wiley-X. Wiley-X specializes in ballistic grade eyewear and clothing and is a leading supplier of motorcycle eyewear. The Wiley-X lenses and frames are made from impact resistant materials that meet the ANSI Z87.1 and Z80.3 optical standards. The Wiley-X brand is trusted in the safety eyewear industry and is used extensively by Suncor Energy in its Fort-McMurray operations to protect the vision of its employees. Many Wiley-X styles include a wrap around design, with replaceable foam gasket inserts. These replaceable gaskets help to reduce irritation from wind, dust, debris and peripheral glare. Many of the Wiley-X motorcycle collection eyewear pieces are available in both prescription and non-prescription styles.

To experience the Wiley-X high velocity protection eyewear collection visit eye-bar in Sherwood Park. While you’re there, you can also book your next eye exam or contact lens fitting with one of our eye-bar optometrists, to ensure that you see all the potholes and obstacles on the road this motorcycle season.