Is it safe to share eye makeup?


Sharing eye makeup is even more dangerous than sharing lipstick and other makeup.  Besides the risk of using the wrong colour (oh no!) you have a huge risk of spreading viruses via your makeup.  The most common viral infection of the eye is conjunctivitis (also known as pinkeye), which is extremely contagious.  Sharing can also lead to increased risk of warts, cold sores, styes, and bacterial infections.
Mascara, eyeshadow and eyeliner, eyelash curlers, and even Latisse - used to stimulate eyelash growth -  can lead to a bad eye infection. Makeup cannot be cleaned of bacteria and viruses from previous use and bacteria are carried from applicators back to the product itself, so using a clean applicator does not decrease the risk.  In fact, the items can be contaminated for weeks unless they are cleaned and disinfected. This is why it's a good idea to discard items such as mascara brushes and other eye makeup if you've had infectious conjunctivitis, even if your eyes have cleared up.
The bottom line is: be selfish with your eye makeup! 

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style: Eye Makeup Behind Glasses

We know the importance of choosing frames that suit your personality and bring out the best features in your face. Eye makeup works closely with your glasses to achieve this, but the makeup application should be slightly altered to work best with your glasses. Here are a few helpful tips we collected to make your makeup and your frames work together to make you look your best:

  • Wear neutral or warm shades of eyeshadow. If you wear grays and cooler colours, your eyes will appear smaller, darker, and can look like you’re hiding a black eye!
  • Adding bright or bold eyeshadow colors to your lids can clash with the frames and make your eyes appear smaller. Many layers and mixes of colour can look like you’re hiding your eyes behind the frames, not enhancing them. If your frames are rimless, you can get away with a bit more colour, but keep it simple!
  • Stick to light colors on the lids to make your eyes appear larger behind the frames
  • Avoid lining the lower lashes – this will darken your eyes, making them appear smaller and give you an overall tired look behind your glasses.
  • Choose volumizing, not lengthening, mascara. Apply two coats if necessary. Lengthening mascara may make your eyes touch your lenses, dirtying them and irritating your eyes.
  • Keeping eyebrows neat and well-shaped becomes very important when you’re wearing your glasses. Some think that frames will disguise the eyebrows, but most frames make untidy or asymmetrical brows more noticeable.

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