spotlight: Colourful Eyewear


Color is a major 2013 trend, and not just in eyewear.  This Spanish collection puts a spin on color by incorporating it into clear acetate.  The results are jewelry-like as shown in this modified cateye frame whose top portion is striped and bottom portion is pixelated.  These would look stunning on someone with light brown hair and blue eyes.

To see how you look in these cat-eye glasses, visit eye-bar in Sherwood Park. eye-bar’s opticians and eyewear specialists can help you select your perfect frames.

To ensure optimal vision with your eyewear from eye-bar, always keep your prescription lenses up to date. You can schedule your next appointment with an eye-bar optometrist using our online booking system.

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shop: Small Business Saturday!

We are so happy to be participating in Small Business Saturday on October 20th! We are offering all of you small business supporters 10% off your purchase on Saturday!

Canada’s Small Business Saturday is dedicated to supporting small business neighbours that power our economy, drive innovation, and create jobs. Shoppers can sign up to receive updates about local deals from participating small businesses. 

Working together, we can create awareness for the important role small businesses play and provide opportunities for them to thrive and grow within our communities. eye-bar loves the philosophy of this event, we are really happy to be joining in on the fun!

See you Saturday!

style: Eye Makeup Behind Glasses

We know the importance of choosing frames that suit your personality and bring out the best features in your face. Eye makeup works closely with your glasses to achieve this, but the makeup application should be slightly altered to work best with your glasses. Here are a few helpful tips we collected to make your makeup and your frames work together to make you look your best:

  • Wear neutral or warm shades of eyeshadow. If you wear grays and cooler colours, your eyes will appear smaller, darker, and can look like you’re hiding a black eye!
  • Adding bright or bold eyeshadow colors to your lids can clash with the frames and make your eyes appear smaller. Many layers and mixes of colour can look like you’re hiding your eyes behind the frames, not enhancing them. If your frames are rimless, you can get away with a bit more colour, but keep it simple!
  • Stick to light colors on the lids to make your eyes appear larger behind the frames
  • Avoid lining the lower lashes – this will darken your eyes, making them appear smaller and give you an overall tired look behind your glasses.
  • Choose volumizing, not lengthening, mascara. Apply two coats if necessary. Lengthening mascara may make your eyes touch your lenses, dirtying them and irritating your eyes.
  • Keeping eyebrows neat and well-shaped becomes very important when you’re wearing your glasses. Some think that frames will disguise the eyebrows, but most frames make untidy or asymmetrical brows more noticeable.

*images spotted here and here

style: scoping out new eyewear collections

Luke was off to Las Vegas this past weekend to scope out some new eyewear! We’re really excited that he represented eye-bar at the International Vision Expo & Conference.

Our favorite optician spent the whole weekend finding new eye-bar worthy collections and deciding what styles we’ll be updating the eye-bar shelves with in the coming months. Vision Expo attendees get up to date with the latest news and technology in the medical, lenses, processes, and eyewear aspects of the optical industry. We can’t wait to see what Luke brings back to share with the eye-bar team and our patients!

Every few months, eye-bar travels all over the world to find the best eyewear pieces for our collection. We like to meet face to face with the makers of our collections and learn about new technologies in the industry first-hand from the experts.

Cracked Windshield?

Over time our cars windshield can become pitted, scratched, and cracked (most Albertans know this first hand). We all know that a cracked windshield on our car can compromise the structural integrity and can potentially jeopardize our safety in the case of an accident.

But you might be surprised to know that a scratch or a crack on your safety eyewear can also compromises their structural integrity. Scratches on the surface of your lenses act like score lines, and reduce the overall ability of the lenses to protect your eyes. Scratch, cracked or pitted lenses also reduce your vision, further increasing the chance of an eye injury. So similar to your cars windshield, your safety eyewear needs to be inspected regularly for subtle wear and tear signs.

To fix or replace your cars windshield please visit one of Sherwood Parks local auto glass stores. To fix or replace your safety eyeglasses, please visit one of the expert opticians at eye-bar.

eye-bar stocks a large selection of safety eyewear from UVEX, On-Guard and the all new Wiley-X.

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