Tom Davies: Custom Bespoke Eyewear

At eye-bar, we’ve been customizing eyewear from the day we opened. As an independent eyewear store, we have infinite options when it comes to selecting the right lenses for you (many chain and discount optical stores use a stock lens that doesn’t necessarily work on everyone). Finding the right lenses for each individual client makes us smile. And now, we can perfectly customize eyewear. Yup, that’s right! eye-bar is now offering bespoke eyewear. We can take any frame from the Tom Davies collection and re-design it to fit your face, head and prescription. The result? A made-to-measure frame designed and built to fit you perfectly.

Bespoke eyewear goes well-beyond fit; it’s about style too. Drawing from an existing range of shapes, finishes and about 60 colours, you can work alongside our opticians to design a custom-made frame. Once you’ve made your selections, our opticians will create a blueprint for your frames. Four to six weeks later, these frames can be on your face.