Eye Care Question of the Week: #1


Can I wear soft contact lenses if I have astigmatism?



Absolutely! Over the past 3-4 years contact lenses manufacturers have started to release some great new options and improved parameter ranges for patients with astigmatism. These new contact lenses feel better on the eye, and provider sharper more stable vision.

In the past, astigmatism contact lenses use to move around on the eye causing patients to have fluctuating vision. The contact lenses felt thick, and were usually more uncomfortable then standard contact lenses. This meant that a large number of patients were fit into standard contact lenses instead, resulting in satisfactory but less optimal vision correction. While many other patients were turned off of contact lenses all together. 

So if you’re interested in trying one of the new soft astigmatism contact lenses now available, please book a professional contact lens fitting with one of the eye doctors at eye-bar.


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