eye-bar style: The Warhol Glasses


Some men’s eyewear is iconic – like Andy Warhol’s frames.

Andy Warhol’s eyewear continues to endure over time (just like his art!). Best known for his role in the movement of pop art, Warhol always saw art and life through some seriously stylish frames.

STYLE: Iconic, Vintage
Tailored, Crisp
FEATURES: Acetate with exposed hardware, a keyhole bridge and round with deeper verticle measurements

At eye-bar, we continue to love the Warhol-look. Our shelves are stocked with fun Warhol-options.

The Warhol’s Poster by Moxy Creative

Andy Warhol at the AGA

eye-bar owner Dr. Ross McKenzie, the local fashion editor of city and dale and their friends can be seen rocking out in their Andy Warhol inspired shades at the recent Refinery party.
This month, the Art Gallery of Alberta is exhibiting the works and history of this iconic American artist. Andy Warhol is considered a leader in the pop art movement, and has contributed to some modern arts most recognizable pieces. With perhaps his most notable work being the Campbell’s soup can.

Andy Warhol however, is just as famous for his quotes.

‘ Art is what you can get away with’
‘ I am a deeply superficial person’
‘ I think everyone should like everyone’
‘ The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting’

Where: Art Gallery of Alberta - AGA
Why: This is the exhibits only Canadian stop
When: May 28-August 21, 2011








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