Foggy Lenses? Meet Optifog

Optifog, the new anti-fog lenses and applicator system from essilor is now available at eye-bar. This revolutionary lens care product is designed to help reduce lens fogging when going from a cold to warm situations.

Lens fogging can be both annoying and dangerous depending on when your eyeglasses start to fog up. By simply applying one drop of activator to the front and back of your eyeglass lenses after you clean them, you can help to reduce lens fogging for up to 1 week. The Optifog lens activator provides a protective hydrophilic barrier to the surface of the lens preventing water droplets from forming on the surface, and instead produces a uniform film of water that is undetectable to the wearer.

The new Optifog anit-fog lens system is available as an upgrade on a wide variety of essilor products. To learn more, stop by our clinic to talk to one of our licensed opticians

Motorcycle Approved Eyewear

eye-bar carries and has access to the complete line of motorcycle approved sunglasses and goggles by Wiley-X. Wiley-X specializes in ballistic grade eyewear and clothing and is a leading supplier of motorcycle eyewear. The Wiley-X lenses and frames are made from impact resistant materials that meet the ANSI Z87.1 and Z80.3 optical standards. The Wiley-X brand is trusted in the safety eyewear industry and is used extensively by Suncor Energy in its Fort-McMurray operations to protect the vision of its employees. Many Wiley-X styles include a wrap around design, with replaceable foam gasket inserts. These replaceable gaskets help to reduce irritation from wind, dust, debris and peripheral glare. Many of the Wiley-X motorcycle collection eyewear pieces are available in both prescription and non-prescription styles.

To experience the Wiley-X high velocity protection eyewear collection visit eye-bar in Sherwood Park. While you’re there, you can also book your next eye exam or contact lens fitting with one of our eye-bar optometrists, to ensure that you see all the potholes and obstacles on the road this motorcycle season. 

Cracked Windshield?

Over time our cars windshield can become pitted, scratched, and cracked (most Albertans know this first hand). We all know that a cracked windshield on our car can compromise the structural integrity and can potentially jeopardize our safety in the case of an accident.

But you might be surprised to know that a scratch or a crack on your safety eyewear can also compromises their structural integrity. Scratches on the surface of your lenses act like score lines, and reduce the overall ability of the lenses to protect your eyes. Scratch, cracked or pitted lenses also reduce your vision, further increasing the chance of an eye injury. So similar to your cars windshield, your safety eyewear needs to be inspected regularly for subtle wear and tear signs.

To fix or replace your cars windshield please visit one of Sherwood Parks local auto glass stores. To fix or replace your safety eyeglasses, please visit one of the expert opticians at eye-bar.

eye-bar stocks a large selection of safety eyewear from UVEX, On-Guard and the all new Wiley-X.

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Paul Frank Industries Eyewear

It has been 5 months now since the debut of the Paul Frank Industries ophthalmic eyewear and sunglasses collections at eye-bar optician and sunglass specialists. The overall response to these lines has been incredible, and the timing couldn’t have been better! The Paul Frank Industries line encompasses the retro look and feel that is so in style these days. Big black plastic frames, with a hint of accenting colour to soften the look. As a result, the Paul Frank Industries line has done particularly well with young adults. The frames are all hand made and polished, and show great attention to detail.


Visit eye-bar to try on your next new pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses!

‘Step up to the bar’

Etnia Barcelona Eyewear

The Etnia Barcelona line seems to have found that delicate balance between classic appeal and trendy style. The ophthalmic collection contains both plastic and metal pieces, and the quality and workmanship of the product line has been phenomenal.   

Exciting for this summer was the release of the Etnia Barcelona Sunglass Collection. These bold sunglass pieces have been a huge hit in our optical.

A cool fun fact to know about the Etnia Barcelona line is that all their frames are named after international cities such as: Abu Dhabi, Budapest, London, Moscow, and Edmonton. Just don’t tell the people in the south, apparently their city didn’t make the cut! 

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