Competitive Advantage: Know Your Dominant Eye


Whether you're running at top speed and catching a football, or precisely aiming a golf shot, knowing which eye is dominant will help you in any sport.

An athlete can interpret fast action and achieve better head and eye positioning by knowing which eye is dominant. A dominant eye can process visual information more accurately than the non-dominant eye.

Quick Test for Eye Dominance
Use both hands to form a small triangle between the thumbs and first knuckles of your forefingers. With both eyes open and your arms outstretched, move your "triangle" until you have a distant object such as a light switch within the center. Shut your left eye. If the object stays centered, you are right-eye dominant. If the object moves out-of-center, you are left-eye dominant. Interestingly, eye-dominance is not related to if you are right-handed or left-handed.

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We are so happy to be participating in Small Business Saturday on October 20th! We are offering all of you small business supporters 10% off your purchase on Saturday!

Canada’s Small Business Saturday is dedicated to supporting small business neighbours that power our economy, drive innovation, and create jobs. Shoppers can sign up to receive updates about local deals from participating small businesses. 

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“Keep your eyes on the ball! Watch your man!”

eye-bar is proud to sponsor the University of Alberta Golden Bears football game against UBC Thunderbirds on Saturday! We’re spreading awareness of the specific eye care needs that fast-paced, high-impact athletes may not realize they have. eye-bar is giving away a pair of Oakley sunglasses to the player of the game, helping them bask in the glory in style!

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style: scoping out new eyewear collections

Luke was off to Las Vegas this past weekend to scope out some new eyewear! We’re really excited that he represented eye-bar at the International Vision Expo & Conference.

Our favorite optician spent the whole weekend finding new eye-bar worthy collections and deciding what styles we’ll be updating the eye-bar shelves with in the coming months. Vision Expo attendees get up to date with the latest news and technology in the medical, lenses, processes, and eyewear aspects of the optical industry. We can’t wait to see what Luke brings back to share with the eye-bar team and our patients!

Every few months, eye-bar travels all over the world to find the best eyewear pieces for our collection. We like to meet face to face with the makers of our collections and learn about new technologies in the industry first-hand from the experts.

The Transit of Venus - Get your Eclipse Shades at eye-bar

The TRANSIT OF VENUS.  What exactly is it?  Besides being a super cool astrological phenomenon happening on June 5, 2012?  It is visible as a tiny black dot on the surface of the sun.  Venus is essentially "eclipsing" the sun - similar to a lunar eclipse except because it's so much farther from the Earth, Venus is visible as a much smaller dot.    

Back when it was first observed in the 1700's, some very smart mathematicians used the transit of Venus to calculate the distance of the Earth to the sun and therefore the size of our solar system.  

To witness the event on June 5, it is very important to do it properly.  Your mom (and your optometrist) were right when they told you never to look directly at the sun.  I have taken the precaution of protecting the eyes of the curious and the scientific by ordering in some "eclipse shades".  They are available at eye-bar. Free for anyone who wants one! Come pick up a pair of eclipse shades today!