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Are you a smarty pants that wants new sunglasses? You're in luck! eye-bar has a sweet deal for the month of June! For every question below that you answer correctly, you get $5 off your new pair of sunglasses (prescription or non-prescription)!

Question 1: What types of ocular damage can be caused by cumulative UV exposure (in addition to solar keratitis, carcinoma, and melanoma)?
 a) macular degeneration
 b) cataracts
 c) ugly, fatty, yellow deposits on the white part of the eye (pinguecula)
 d) wrinkles
 e) all of the above                

Question 2: What time of day is most critical for ocular UV protection?
 a) noon
 b) midnight
 c) rainy days
 d) happy hour
 e) between 8 - 10 am and between 2 - 4 pm when the sun is at an angle

Question 3: How much UV light can get to the eye if your sunglasses don't fit properly?
a) none. I never go outside.
b) none. I close my eyes when I go outside.
c) a wee bit
d) 10%
e) up to 45%

Question 4: Why are kids at high risk for ocular UV damage?
a) the natural sun protection of our eyes is poorly developed until after age 25
b) they tend to spend more time outdoors
c) they forget to wear sunglasses
d) their parents forget to get them sunglasses at eye-bar
e) all of the above

Study the answers, then stop in to take the test and pick out your new shades! Don't worry... if you get stuck, we can help you.

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