health: Is It Time to Quit?

Smoking is a leading contributor to many serious eye health conditions such as age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, dry eye, vascular eye disease and optic neuropathy. Smoking contributes to early atherosclerosis which results in pre-mature hardening of the arteries throughout the body and reduced blood flow to the eye.

To help reduce your risk of sever vision loss in the future, it may be time to consider quitting or at least reducing how much you smoke on a daily basis. With your permission, your eye-bar optometrist can sign you up for the free AlbertaQuits Helpline by Alberta Health Care. The AlbertaQuits Helpline will pair you up with a smoking Cessation Counsellor who will guide you through the process and act as a resource. They will help you with quitting methods and aids, how to handle withdrawal symptoms, stress management, cravings, preventing weight gain, and getting through temporary relapses.

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