Optical Ilusions in Nature

Have you ever wondered why a zebra has stripes?

You’d think such dramatic colouring would actually draw attention to the zebra. Last time we went to the zoo, we were walking by two zebras and almost missed seeing them. Why? Because they were standing still!  When a zebra stands still the stripes on its coat blend in with the grass and twigs around it and actually make it harder to see.  And when a herd of zebras move together their stripes create such a mesmerizing image that the predators get confused.  So, while they don’t have much chance of outrunning their predators (the big cats like cheetahs, lions and leopards), the zebras try their best to confuse them.  And, sometimes, if they’re lucky, the zebras will outsmart the cats.

Can you spot the zebras hiding in this photo?