How young can my child have their eyes checked?

At eye-bar, we recommend that children begin annual eye health exams by age 3. However, we are certainly happy to see children as young as 6 month of age should you have any questions or concerns or a strong family history of vision problems.

Annual eye health exams are important to ensure that your child’s visual system is developing properly. We live, work and learn in a very visual world. Having inadequate vision can lead to learning problems in early developmental years and the classroom because of lack of concentration and focus.

Eye exams for children are fun and painless. At eye-bar, we take pediatric eye care seriously with multiple eye charts, movies and cool looking instruments to keep your children entertained and focused.  eye-bar also offers both male and female optometrists on staff for you to choose from. Visit our Childrens Eye Exam section for more details.

Book your child’s next eye exam in Sherwood Park with an eye-bar optometrist.