Cracked Windshield?

Over time our cars windshield can become pitted, scratched, and cracked (most Albertans know this first hand). We all know that a cracked windshield on our car can compromise the structural integrity and can potentially jeopardize our safety in the case of an accident.

But you might be surprised to know that a scratch or a crack on your safety eyewear can also compromises their structural integrity. Scratches on the surface of your lenses act like score lines, and reduce the overall ability of the lenses to protect your eyes. Scratch, cracked or pitted lenses also reduce your vision, further increasing the chance of an eye injury. So similar to your cars windshield, your safety eyewear needs to be inspected regularly for subtle wear and tear signs.

To fix or replace your cars windshield please visit one of Sherwood Parks local auto glass stores. To fix or replace your safety eyeglasses, please visit one of the expert opticians at eye-bar.

eye-bar stocks a large selection of safety eyewear from UVEX, On-Guard and the all new Wiley-X.

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