Eyewear Spotlight: Adin Thomas


Brand: Aiden Thomas
Price Point: $175.00

Adin Thomas put forth an elegant collection of eyewear for their 2017 Summer collection. Known for their vibrant colours and design details these prescription-friendly, handmade acetate frames are sure to get noticed.
With spring just around the corner, and the water pooling in the streets this week, we can't help to think and talk about the colours of summer!

Doesn't the above frame just scream sundress fun? 

The Adin Thomas 356-C2 frame displays translucent teal green with a stimulating violet periwinkle fade down in a subtle geometric design. This fun yet sophisticated frame provides an eclectic combination of colour that can be worn by any skin tone.

Adin Thomas eyewear styles every individual with a colour pop while incorporating flattering
shapes and patterns.


Adin Thomas is part of the Europa Collection of eyewear. Originally founded in 1977, this eyewear design house has repeatedly produced classic and dynamic eyewear for Europe and North America.

Images from: Europa


Score Big on Safety

As a parent you do your best to protect your children. They eat their veggies, get plenty of rest and wear a helmet when they ride their bicycle. But what about protecting their eyes?

Now that your kids are out of school for the summer, they will be taking part in a wide range of sports and outdoor activities. Eye injuries can be devastating. Basketball, for instance, is one of the leading causes of injuries because of blows from fingers and elbows.

As well as abrasions of the cornea, sports injuries can include internal bleeding and retinal detachments which can lead to serious vision loss. Patients who have sustained eye injuries are also at a greater risk for developing glaucoma at some point in their life.

Student athletes of all ages need to wear sport-specific protective eye wear that’s been properly fitted by an eye care professional.

Eyeglass lenses made from polycarbonate materials provide the greatest level of impact protection and can withstand shattering or cracking when hit by a ball or other projectile traveling at high speeds.  

Properly fitted protective eye wear won’t hurt athletic performance and may save your child’s sight. Even if the school or sports league doesn’t require eye protection, parents need to ensure their children wear eye protection at all times.

Parents – don’t slow your children down. Instead, help them understand the importance of eye safety while they dribble, pitch, swing, kick or spike. They can have fun and stay safe!

Summer time, any time

Summer break is the perfect time to bring your children in for a thorough eye examination. It’s never too early. Even if your child doesn’t display any signs of vision trouble, the Canadian Association of Optometrists recommends infants have their first eye exam by the end of their first year, and toddlers by age three. Early diagnosis of a vision development disorder will allow for early intervention.


Book your annual eye exam with a Doctor of Optometry at
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Eyewear Spotlight: Hally&Sons

The retro-style inspired eyewear shapes and keyhole nose designs found within the new Hally & Son eyewear collection remind us of the classic 1950-1960 era. We love the asymmetric temple accents, oversized end pieces and the attention to craftsmanship. These subtle details provide for visual interest from all angles, producing a truly unique high end look to the eyewear. The collection consists of both ophthalmic & sunglass models. 

  • Prices start at $179.00

The Hally & Son eyewear collection is available in metal, water buffalo horn and replica horn. Unfortunately, we’ve discovered that real water buffalo horn cannot withstand the harsh dry cold Alberta environment, so unfortunately none of these pieces are on display at eye-bar.

To learn more about the Hally & Son eyewear collection, visit hally-son.com. To touch, try on and purchase, visit eye-bar optometrists, opticians & sunglass specialists in Sherwood Park. 

Images From: Hally&Sons