Summer Sunglass Sale On Now

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The Summer Sunglass Sale is on now at eye-bar in Sherwood Park.

Get 50% OFF on Rx Sunglasses

Purchase a complete pair of prescription eyeglasses and get 50% off a complete pair of prescription sunglasses (frame & lenses). It's that simple!

The offer is valid on all Hoya ophthalmic lenses, including single vision, bifocal and of course progressive lenses. Sunglass lenses available include polarized, Transitions VII, and Hoya's Sensity Photochromatic.

Everyone should own a pair of prescription sunglasses!

Protect your eyes this summer from the harmful UV rays that surround us. Stop squinting, and start enjoying the world around you.

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Offers can be combined with vision care and insurance benefits, but may not be combined with any other store offer or discount. Valid eyeglass prescription required. Excludes certain brands including Maui Jim, and Oakley. Discount off retail price. Not valid on previous purchases, contact lenses, accessories, readers, or non-prescription sunglasses. Some restrictions may apply. Offer ends 7/31/2019.

Oakley: Happy Summer Solstice

Happy Summer Solstice to all of our loyal eye-bar patients. Enjoy your summer, get outside and put a smile on your face. But while your at it, let an eye-bar optician put a pair of Oakley's on your face so that you can protect your eyes from the sun, sticks and stones.


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Eyewear Spotlight: Hally&Sons

The retro-style inspired eyewear shapes and keyhole nose designs found within the new Hally & Son eyewear collection remind us of the classic 1950-1960 era. We love the asymmetric temple accents, oversized end pieces and the attention to craftsmanship. These subtle details provide for visual interest from all angles, producing a truly unique high end look to the eyewear. The collection consists of both ophthalmic & sunglass models. 

  • Prices start at $179.00

The Hally & Son eyewear collection is available in metal, water buffalo horn and replica horn. Unfortunately, we’ve discovered that real water buffalo horn cannot withstand the harsh dry cold Alberta environment, so unfortunately none of these pieces are on display at eye-bar.

To learn more about the Hally & Son eyewear collection, visit To touch, try on and purchase, visit eye-bar optometrists, opticians & sunglass specialists in Sherwood Park. 

Images From: Hally&Sons

Greetings of the Season from the Gang at eye-bar!


Baton down the hatches and let the snow fly! It's a Celebration of Light whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule or New Years... We are multidimensional and hearty as Canadians and as our hearts swell with pride at our fortitude, we can consider the blessings of the Season and how fortunate we are in Canada, cold as it may be. This time of the year can be busy, but it is often the time when we reflect upon those less fortunate than us and look for ways to ease their suffering. Our own Dr. Amy Bakelaar recently extended her charitable hand on an optical mission in Ecuador. Just click here to follow the blog post of the mission to find out how your used prescription eyewear benefits less fortunate people around the globe. In recent years our Dr. Bakelaar has been on missions to Belize, Peru, Guatemala, and India. At eye-bar we accept donations of your old prescription eyewear and save it to be used on these optical missions. People who have never had the gift of clear vision benefit from an eye exam and a pair of prescription glasses because of your generosity.  Pop by and deliver your old eyewear today and share in the warm feelings it brings.


This time of year also gives you one last chance to use up your 2013 Health Spending Allowance through your employer's group benefit insurance.  Many of you may also have renewed coverage available in January 2014.  If you have such an insurance benefit, we have several options for you to consider.  You can use the benefit for an eye exam to update your prescription.  Book online for your convenience.  Then, once your prescription is current, please consider updating your eyewear at eye-bar.  We have so many exciting looks this season and we have recently added at least 30 new pieces to our Tom Davies fully customizable frame collection.  Treat yourself or a family member to the luxury of a hand-made, bespoke frame and prescription lenses.  If your prescription is light, and does not require all-the-time clear glasses, consider a set of custom Oakley prescription sunglasses - it still qualifies for your Health Spending Allowance, and it will crisp things up for your winter driving and reduce the blinding reflections from snow glare.  And lastly, if you have not tried prescription contact lenses and are interested in having a new look for holiday photos and events, ask about a contact lens fit and training during your eye exam.  You can even consider colored contacts for festive parties!  

To be prepared for winter conditions whether it be driving in blizzard conditions, skiing cross country, downhill, hiking in the mountains, or just shopping Whyte Avenue on a sunny day, we have polarized sunwear to suit your needs.  A polarized lens will keep the squint factor down as well as provide full protection for your eyes and the skin around your eyes from harmful U.V. rays.  And prescription sunglasses or non-prescription sunglasses make excellent and fashionable gifts for family and friends.

Thank you for being our friends and supporting independent local business in Sherwood Park by being customers and patients of eye-bar.  We hope you have a wonderful holiday season and create lasting memories.

Keeping you in our minds' eye,

Competitive Advantage: Know Your Dominant Eye


Whether you're running at top speed and catching a football, or precisely aiming a golf shot, knowing which eye is dominant will help you in any sport.

An athlete can interpret fast action and achieve better head and eye positioning by knowing which eye is dominant. A dominant eye can process visual information more accurately than the non-dominant eye.

Quick Test for Eye Dominance

Use both hands to form a small triangle between the thumbs and first knuckles of your forefingers. With both eyes open and your arms outstretched, move your "triangle" until you have a distant object such as a light switch within the center. Shut your left eye. If the object stays centered, you are right-eye dominant. If the object moves out-of-center, you are left-eye dominant. Interestingly, eye-dominance is not related to if you are right-handed or left-handed.

*Images found here and here.

Save $20 on eye-bar sunglasses!


Are you a smarty pants that wants new sunglasses? You're in luck! eye-bar has a sweet deal for the month of June!

For every question below that you answer correctly, you get $5 off your new pair of sunglasses (prescription or non-prescription)!

Question 1: What types of ocular damage can be caused by cumulative UV exposure (in addition to solar keratitis, carcinoma, and melanoma)?
 a) macular degeneration
 b) cataracts
 c) ugly, fatty, yellow deposits on the white part of the eye (pinguecula)
 d) wrinkles
 e) all of the above                

Question 2: What time of day is most critical for ocular UV protection?
 a) noon
 b) midnight
 c) rainy days
 d) happy hour
 e) between 8 - 10 am and between 2 - 4 pm when the sun is at an angle

Question 3: How much UV light can get to the eye if your sunglasses don't fit properly?
a) none. I never go outside.
b) none. I close my eyes when I go outside.
c) a wee bit
d) 10%
e) up to 45%

Question 4: Why are kids at high risk for ocular UV damage?
a) the natural sun protection of our eyes is poorly developed until after age 25
b) they tend to spend more time outdoors
c) they forget to wear sunglasses
d) their parents forget to get them sunglasses at eye-bar
e) all of the above

Study the answers, then stop in to take the test and pick out your new shades! Don't worry... if you get stuck, we can help you.



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Wooden Eyewear in the Spotlight


Our Feb31st frames were struttin' their stuff in this season's Phabrik magazine! Phabrik is a nationally-distributed Edmonton based art and design magazine that features local retailers and seasonal trends.

Check out our previous post about wooden glasses and sustainable eyewear! We have a limited number of frames left in stock, so come in quickly to get some! Here's a closer look at the wooden frames:


Vintage Eye Exam Advertisement


We came across this 1966 advertisement from Better Vision Institute and had to share it! The vintage eyewear styles that are popular now deserve vintage advertising to go with it. Sure, lens and eye exam technology has changed since the 1960s, but the message still holds true today: everyone needs an eye exam every year.

*Ad found in this book

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Futuristic Google Glass

Have you heard about Google Glass? It's still in its testing phase, but the future of eyewear could be seriously revolutionized by one of Google's latest and greatest inventions.

GLASS is pretty amazing. It is worn like a pair of eyeglasses, but there are no lenses. One side has a small "camera" (for lack of a better word) that sits just above your line of sight. You can say "Ok Glass..." then give it commands like "take a picture" or "google, say half a pound in Chinese." You can record video, keep GPS directions in your sight while driving, google anything on the go, and more. It is set to launch in 2014.

The GLASS website shows off all of the enticing features. Will the sleek design look stylish on everyone? How will GLASS be paired with prescription eyewear in upcoming years? This could be one of the biggest game changer the eyewear industry has seen in a long time. 

Images found here and here.