Wooden Eyewear in the Spotlight


Our Feb31st frames were struttin' their stuff in this season's Phabrik magazine! Phabrik is a nationally-distributed Edmonton based art and design magazine that features local retailers and seasonal trends.

Check out our previous post about wooden glasses and sustainable eyewear! We have a limited number of frames left in stock, so come in quickly to get some! Here's a closer look at the wooden frames:


style: Sustainable Eyewear

Eyewear brands are looking for innovative, sustainable materials to use in their frames, and we brought in the most stylish frames we could find that incorporate FSC certified wood! Two new lines for Fall make use of this lightweight, super comfortable material – they just scream to be picked up off the shelf and tried on.

Feb 31st is an Italian brand that fuses together thin sheets of tinted wood. It makes the frames ultra stylish, and extremely light – some weigh only 21 grams! Take a look at the photos below to see the craftsmanship and color details up close.

Tony Morgan is a fun collection out of California that blends acetate fronts with wood and bamboo arms. All of these frames are FSC certified, and the cedar ones even smell irresistible! The wooden sides make the frames so lightweight and incredibly comfortable to wear. Plus, everyone will notice and want to take a closer look.

We have limited supply of these oh-so-modern frames so stop by soon to get yours!