Summer Sunglass Sale On Now

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The Summer Sunglass Sale is on now at eye-bar in Sherwood Park.

Get 50% OFF on Rx Sunglasses

Purchase a complete pair of prescription eyeglasses and get 50% off a complete pair of prescription sunglasses (frame & lenses). It's that simple!

The offer is valid on all Hoya ophthalmic lenses, including single vision, bifocal and of course progressive lenses. Sunglass lenses available include polarized, Transitions VII, and Hoya's Sensity Photochromatic.

Everyone should own a pair of prescription sunglasses!

Protect your eyes this summer from the harmful UV rays that surround us. Stop squinting, and start enjoying the world around you.

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Offers can be combined with vision care and insurance benefits, but may not be combined with any other store offer or discount. Valid eyeglass prescription required. Excludes certain brands including Maui Jim, and Oakley. Discount off retail price. Not valid on previous purchases, contact lenses, accessories, readers, or non-prescription sunglasses. Some restrictions may apply. Offer ends 7/31/2019.

Save $20 on eye-bar sunglasses!


Are you a smarty pants that wants new sunglasses? You're in luck! eye-bar has a sweet deal for the month of June!

For every question below that you answer correctly, you get $5 off your new pair of sunglasses (prescription or non-prescription)!

Question 1: What types of ocular damage can be caused by cumulative UV exposure (in addition to solar keratitis, carcinoma, and melanoma)?
 a) macular degeneration
 b) cataracts
 c) ugly, fatty, yellow deposits on the white part of the eye (pinguecula)
 d) wrinkles
 e) all of the above                

Question 2: What time of day is most critical for ocular UV protection?
 a) noon
 b) midnight
 c) rainy days
 d) happy hour
 e) between 8 - 10 am and between 2 - 4 pm when the sun is at an angle

Question 3: How much UV light can get to the eye if your sunglasses don't fit properly?
a) none. I never go outside.
b) none. I close my eyes when I go outside.
c) a wee bit
d) 10%
e) up to 45%

Question 4: Why are kids at high risk for ocular UV damage?
a) the natural sun protection of our eyes is poorly developed until after age 25
b) they tend to spend more time outdoors
c) they forget to wear sunglasses
d) their parents forget to get them sunglasses at eye-bar
e) all of the above

Study the answers, then stop in to take the test and pick out your new shades! Don't worry... if you get stuck, we can help you.



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Arctic Sunglasses


Top: Bone Sunshield, 19th Century. Bottom: Northwest Territories, 1916.

Back in the 19th century, Eskimos would carve a slit in a piece of bone and strap it over their eyes. This would take away the blinding glare of the sun on white, snowy plains. This ingenious tool is considered one of the earliest known types of sunglasses. 

eye-bar has many shelves of sunglasses to choose from. Unlike the antiques shown above, our styles won't take away your peripheral vision! They are especially important in our Winter city for preventing snow blindness.

*Images from this interesting book.

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shop: Small Business Saturday!

We are so happy to be participating in Small Business Saturday on October 20th! We are offering all of you small business supporters 10% off your purchase on Saturday!

Canada’s Small Business Saturday is dedicated to supporting small business neighbours that power our economy, drive innovation, and create jobs. Shoppers can sign up to receive updates about local deals from participating small businesses. 

Working together, we can create awareness for the important role small businesses play and provide opportunities for them to thrive and grow within our communities. eye-bar loves the philosophy of this event, we are really happy to be joining in on the fun!

See you Saturday!

Autumn in Sherwood Park

Autumn is by far one of the most beautiful seasons in Sherwood Park. But along with the changing of the leaves, there is also a change in the height of the sun. With the sun being more along the horizon we are all more likely to be hit by the suns intensity and glare while driving.

Over the past few weeks we’ve watch drivers flip down their visors or squint their eyes to try and cope with the changing driving conditions. Not only does this create a dangerous driving situation due to the reduced visibility, but it can also be hard on your eyes.

So with the changing of the season eye-bar reminds everyone to make sure that they change and update their sunglasses. 

Stop by the store to talk with our licensed opticians about the benefits of polarized sunglasses. Besides, you're going to need them for your winter vacation!


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Sunglasses are not a Luxury

Sunglasses are not a luxury... they are a medical necessity. In fact, Health Canada officially endorses the use of sunglasses to help protect your eyes from sun damage and the potential harmful effects of UV radiation. Chronic or acute overexposure to sunlight may increase your overall risk of developing conditions such as age-related macular degeneration or cataracts as you age.

For patients who have already been diagnosed with a vision condition such as age-related macular degeneration or cataracts, sunglasses may help to improve overall visual function. This is achieved by reducing the suns overall intensity and by reducing or eliminating glare.

Sunglass lens options include:

  • Tinted lenses – reduce the overall intensity of the light
  • Polarized lenses – reduce or eliminate glare
  • Photochromatic lenses – reduce the overall intensity of the light, and transition from clear to dark when exposed to UV radiation
  • Mirrored finishes – reflex sunlight reducing the overall amount of light being transmitted through the lens

Not all sunglasses block light equally, so it’s important to talk to your optometrist about what to look for when choosing your next pair. Depending on your lifestyle, one pair of sunglasses may not be enough. Many patients choose to purchase one pair of fashion sunglasses for driving and general outdoor activities and a second pair of sports sunglasses for golfing, biking, running, etc.


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Retro-Style Sunglasses - Plaza 1835 Suntimers

Give yourself some shade with these stylish retro sunglasses.

The Plaza 1835 suntimers are modeled after a draper pair of shades featured on the 1978 Dunhill Catalogue Cover (photo in bottom-right).

All of sunglasses and frames in the Victory Optical Collection are true to designs of decades past. If you want retro shades, go authentic with a pair of Plaza 1835.

Available at eye-bar in gold or tortoise. Features the ‘V’ trademark plaque in the temple tip.

Get your Plaza 1835s at eye-bar in Sherwood Park for only $150.

eye-bar's Designer Closeouts!

I need to save some money!!!

Than check out eye-bar's great designer closeout section. We have recently added 100's of new eyeglasses to our designer closeout section at eye-bar. 

These eyeglasses and sunglasses offer great style, exceptional quality at a reduced price (most eyeglasses are below cost). Yes they might be yesterdays style according to eye-bar standards, but they are still well ahead of any product that you'll find in most optical stores. 

Don't buy 'cheap' glasses to save money, just buy a pair of our fabulous eyeglasses from our designer closeout section!


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New Oakley Sunglasses

EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA, just in time for summer, a new supply of Oakley Sunglasses has arrived at eye-bar opticians and sunglass specialists

Stop on in anytime and try them on. With Oakley's exceptional lens quality and durable construction, you'll quickly find out why these sunglasses are one of the best selling brands in the world.

One of our expert opticians can help you find your next perfect pair of sunglasses.

**Also ask our opticians about Prescription Oakley sunglasses. That's right. Even if you need glasses you can still wear Oakley's. 


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