Competitive Advantage: Know Your Dominant Eye


Whether you're running at top speed and catching a football, or precisely aiming a golf shot, knowing which eye is dominant will help you in any sport.

An athlete can interpret fast action and achieve better head and eye positioning by knowing which eye is dominant. A dominant eye can process visual information more accurately than the non-dominant eye.

Quick Test for Eye Dominance

Use both hands to form a small triangle between the thumbs and first knuckles of your forefingers. With both eyes open and your arms outstretched, move your "triangle" until you have a distant object such as a light switch within the center. Shut your left eye. If the object stays centered, you are right-eye dominant. If the object moves out-of-center, you are left-eye dominant. Interestingly, eye-dominance is not related to if you are right-handed or left-handed.

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Is vision impacting your athletic performance?

"Watch your man!""Keep your eye on the ball!"

Sound familiar?  That’s because so much of your success at sports can be attributed to your ability to see and react quickly to objects or people coming your way. A large percentage of athletes have an undetected refractive error (i.e. nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism). By correcting even small amounts of blur, you can maximize your performance on the sports field. Even slight visual blur decreases performance by up to 25 percent.

Could your eyewear sustain a hard hit?
Eyeglasses made for street or office wear are not made to the same protective standards as safety eyewear and will probably not hold up under impact. Eyeglass lenses that are not safety-rated could shatter, causing serious eye injuries.

Get the vision you need to perform. Optometrists at eye-bar will help you correct blur, reduce glare, enhance depth perception, and protect your eyes from injury. Our opticians will set you up with all the protective lenses or safety eyewear you need, too.

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Help us cheer on the Golden Bears!

“Keep your eyes on the ball! Watch your man!”

eye-bar is proud to sponsor the University of Alberta Golden Bears football game against UBC Thunderbirds on Saturday! We’re spreading awareness of the specific eye care needs that fast-paced, high-impact athletes may not realize they have. eye-bar is giving away a pair of Oakley sunglasses to the player of the game, helping them bask in the glory in style!

We’re doing what we can to keep their eyes healthy because, just like them, we like to win. Come cheer on our team with us on Saturday, September 29th at 1:00pm at Foote Field!

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