style: Fall's Smartest Spectacles

Being nerdy is actually cool this season. You don’t have to wait for a funny photo booth to bring out your mathematic-equation-solving glasses! Fall’s styles are geek-chic – classically nerdy shapes shrunk down a bit with sleek, modern touches. Dark frames are made softer using translucent acetate, and designer touches are added to arms and bridges using metal accents, high-style patterns, unique color combinations, and even some crystals!

There is a modern take on this style for everyone. eye-bar carries so many of these in-demand frames in true classic colors, as well as contemporary ones with unique color and material combinations. Show off your nerdy side with pride… just leave out the masking tape around the bridge!

style: see through your glasses in more than one way!

We love the translucent color effects we see on the latest styles of acetate frames! The slightly see-through frames have such a unique, light-reflecting texture to them, all thanks to the colors and patterns embedded in the acetate as it is made. This new technology allows us to express ourselves with bright, funky colors without it being too stark and opaque against our face. When a pattern is used instead of a solid color, you end up with a really interesting texture that lets the bold colors of your personality be soft enough to wear all the time.

Take a close look at this effect in the Etnia Barcelona frames above! The acetate components can be mixed with metal for really fun combinations. We have so many styles in store that are ready for you to take home.

style: Vintage Spectacles

History repeats itself – something that rings very true when it comes to the latest styles of eyewear. We can’t get enough of the retro-inspired styles! Cat-eye shapes, round Lennon-type spectacles, Ray Ban’s infamous wayfarers, and Buddy Holly’s iconic glasses are all apparent inspirations for the latest styles in store.

All of the collections at eye-bar have the most modern take on such classic shapes. Stop by and let us pick the best style to suit you.