Eyewear Spotlight: Hally&Sons

The retro-style inspired eyewear shapes and keyhole nose designs found within the new Hally & Son eyewear collection remind us of the classic 1950-1960 era. We love the asymmetric temple accents, oversized end pieces and the attention to craftsmanship. These subtle details provide for visual interest from all angles, producing a truly unique high end look to the eyewear. The collection consists of both ophthalmic & sunglass models. 

  • Prices start at $179.00

The Hally & Son eyewear collection is available in metal, water buffalo horn and replica horn. Unfortunately, we’ve discovered that real water buffalo horn cannot withstand the harsh dry cold Alberta environment, so unfortunately none of these pieces are on display at eye-bar.

To learn more about the Hally & Son eyewear collection, visit hally-son.com. To touch, try on and purchase, visit eye-bar optometrists, opticians & sunglass specialists in Sherwood Park. 

Images From: Hally&Sons

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love is in the air at eye-bar. We love red frames because they make a statement and they look good with everything!
Red eyeglasses are easier to wear than you may think. Red frames match most eye colours and skin tones (unless you have a lot of red undertones). They act as a neutral in your wardrobe - all your bright and dark clothes will work well.
Above is just a taste of all the rose coloured glasses you can swoon over at eye-bar!

style: Etnia Barcelona glasses and readers!

We have a lot of new Etnia Barcelona frames in store for you to try on! We love how colourful and stylish this whole line of eyewear is. The frames are acetate and/or metal, and they're everything but boring! 
Each style comes in a few colour options so we'll be able to match one to your personality. Check out the last two frames in the photos above - those are some pretty stylin' readers if you ask us!
Hurry in, these frames usually fly off the shelves!

style: Eye Makeup Behind Glasses

We know the importance of choosing frames that suit your personality and bring out the best features in your face. Eye makeup works closely with your glasses to achieve this, but the makeup application should be slightly altered to work best with your glasses. Here are a few helpful tips we collected to make your makeup and your frames work together to make you look your best:

  • Wear neutral or warm shades of eyeshadow. If you wear grays and cooler colours, your eyes will appear smaller, darker, and can look like you’re hiding a black eye!
  • Adding bright or bold eyeshadow colors to your lids can clash with the frames and make your eyes appear smaller. Many layers and mixes of colour can look like you’re hiding your eyes behind the frames, not enhancing them. If your frames are rimless, you can get away with a bit more colour, but keep it simple!
  • Stick to light colors on the lids to make your eyes appear larger behind the frames
  • Avoid lining the lower lashes – this will darken your eyes, making them appear smaller and give you an overall tired look behind your glasses.
  • Choose volumizing, not lengthening, mascara. Apply two coats if necessary. Lengthening mascara may make your eyes touch your lenses, dirtying them and irritating your eyes.
  • Keeping eyebrows neat and well-shaped becomes very important when you’re wearing your glasses. Some think that frames will disguise the eyebrows, but most frames make untidy or asymmetrical brows more noticeable.

*images spotted here and here

style: Sustainable Eyewear

Eyewear brands are looking for innovative, sustainable materials to use in their frames, and we brought in the most stylish frames we could find that incorporate FSC certified wood! Two new lines for Fall make use of this lightweight, super comfortable material – they just scream to be picked up off the shelf and tried on.

Feb 31st is an Italian brand that fuses together thin sheets of tinted wood. It makes the frames ultra stylish, and extremely light – some weigh only 21 grams! Take a look at the photos below to see the craftsmanship and color details up close.

Tony Morgan is a fun collection out of California that blends acetate fronts with wood and bamboo arms. All of these frames are FSC certified, and the cedar ones even smell irresistible! The wooden sides make the frames so lightweight and incredibly comfortable to wear. Plus, everyone will notice and want to take a closer look.

We have limited supply of these oh-so-modern frames so stop by soon to get yours!

style: see through your glasses in more than one way!

We love the translucent color effects we see on the latest styles of acetate frames! The slightly see-through frames have such a unique, light-reflecting texture to them, all thanks to the colors and patterns embedded in the acetate as it is made. This new technology allows us to express ourselves with bright, funky colors without it being too stark and opaque against our face. When a pattern is used instead of a solid color, you end up with a really interesting texture that lets the bold colors of your personality be soft enough to wear all the time.

Take a close look at this effect in the Etnia Barcelona frames above! The acetate components can be mixed with metal for really fun combinations. We have so many styles in store that are ready for you to take home.