Spotlight: Colourful Eyewear


Color is a major 2013 trend, and not just in eyewear.  This Spanish collection puts a spin on      color by incorporating it into clear acetate.       The results are jewelry-like as shown in this modified cateye frame whose top portion is striped and bottom portion is pixelated.  These would look stunning on someone with      light brown hair and blue eyes.

To see how you look in these cat-eye glasses, visit eye-bar in Sherwood Park. eye-bar’s opticians and eyewear specialists can help you select your perfect frames.

To ensure optimal vision with your eyewear from eye-bar, always keep your prescription lenses up to date. You can schedule your next appointment with an eye-bar optometrist using our online booking system.


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Behind the Scenes: eye-bar Opticians

eye-bar opticians are the key to the perfect set of eye glasses. Sure, they have a lot of fun picking out frames that look good on you, but so much work goes on behind the scenes to get you the glasses you’ll love.

When you try on frames, their minds are busy considering how it looks (nose, ears, browline, skin tone, eye colour) and how the frames will fit into your lifestyle. After seeing your prescription, they’ll determine the most appropriate lens type (thinness, coatings, etc.) and the frame styles that can accommodate the lenses. All of these considerations ensure the most attractive finished product.

Once your frame and lenses are selected, measurements are recorded to ensure the lens is perfectly aligned with your pupil, where the optimal visual correction happens. This becomes especially important for progressive lens wearers. Progressive lenses may require several other measurements, taking into consideration your life and work style.

eye-bar opticians work like lens brokers when it comes to finding what’s best for you. They have expertise in every brand, lens material, and the latest technologies. With all of these choices available to them, they find the right lenses based on your personal needs. They accurately relay all of this important information to our labs where your lenses are created and properly mounted in your frames. After eye-bar’s final inspection, our opticians call you with the good news that your new glasses are in!

When you come to pick up your glasses, your eye-bar optician makes final adjustments and provides you with care and maintenance instructions based on the materials in your specific pair of glasses. Don’t forget you can stop in any time for a complimentary professional cleaning!

Flexible and Functional Eyeglasses for Kids

eye-bar just brought in a really unique line of kid’s glasses! Miraflex makes high-quality, flexible frames designed to meet the needs of both eye-bar optometrists and the youngsters who get to wear them. They have no metal components or hinges making them perfect for young children and babies.

eye-bar doctors are able to detect vision problems and health issues very early on in a child’s life. Many of these issues can be corrected with proper eyewear, so this option for youngsters is perfectly functional (and stylish!).

When you come in to pick out your child’s new eyeglasses, you choose the frame shape and size, then choose from 30 fun colours to personalize them. We’ll make them for you using a hardy polycarbonate lens that is highly impact resistant.

They are lightweight and very comfortable so kids won’t be tempted to pull them off. Bring in your kids to choose their colour and get them excited to wear their new glasses!

Cleaning your eyeglasses is easy!


When you get your new glasses from eye-bar, we’ll tell you how to properly clean them at home. In case you’re too busy staring at the new you in the mirror to remember what we said, here’s what our opticians recommend for cleaning your glasses at home. Do this at least 3 times a week for best results.

  1. Fill a container with tap water and add a drop of dish detergent (nothing antibacterial as that will damage the coatings).

  2. Submerge the entire frame in the solution and leave for a few minutes. Some exceptions: If frame has any crystals, leather, wood, or horn, do not leave submerged. Just dip them in the solution. The crystals are most likely glued and the glue will be weakened if they have extended contact with water.

  3. Finally, take the frame out of the solution and dry with microfiber cloth (no need to rinse).

Remember to hand wash a microfiber cloth in the sink with plain dish detergent – softeners and anti-static agents in laundry detergent remain in the cloth, ruining its effectiveness and (more importantly) damaging the lens coatings when you wipe your glasses dry.

And next time you’re in the eye-bar neighbourhood: Don’t forget that we do complimentary cleaning on frames we sell for the life of the frame!

Why is my contact lens prescription different than my eyeglasses?

Contact lens prescriptions can be different from glasses prescriptions for a few reasons:


  • The optical center of a pair of glasses is usually located about 12mm away from the front of the eye but a contact lens sits directly on the eye. For some people, this seemingly insignificant distance can actually change the optics of the prescription (In general, higher prescriptions are affected more than lower prescriptions).  Since the optometrist measures your prescription approximately 12mm away from the eye, the contact lens prescription will often need to take this into account.
  • Another reason there is a difference is due to astigmatism.  Astigmatism basically means you need a different prescription in one direction (ie: horizontal) than in the other direction (ie: vertical).  If this difference is small, the tear film between the contact lens and the cornea can correct the astigmatism. If it is a larger amount, the contact lens needs to be calculated for rotation and fit to compensate for the astigmatism.  Glasses sit predictably on the eye (the ears and nose help the glasses stay stable in a predictable spot), so the prescription does not need to be adjusted for tear film or rotation.



style: Fall's Smartest Spectacles

Being nerdy is actually cool this season. You don’t have to wait for a funny photo booth to bring out your mathematic-equation-solving glasses! Fall’s styles are geek-chic – classically nerdy shapes shrunk down a bit with sleek, modern touches. Dark frames are made softer using translucent acetate, and designer touches are added to arms and bridges using metal accents, high-style patterns, unique color combinations, and even some crystals!

There is a modern take on this style for everyone. eye-bar carries so many of these in-demand frames in true classic colors, as well as contemporary ones with unique color and material combinations. Show off your nerdy side with pride… just leave out the masking tape around the bridge!

Paul Frank Industries Eyewear

It has been 5 months now since the debut of the Paul Frank Industries ophthalmic eyewear and sunglasses collections at eye-bar optician and sunglass specialists. The overall response to these lines has been incredible, and the timing couldn’t have been better! The Paul Frank Industries line encompasses the retro look and feel that is so in style these days. Big black plastic frames, with a hint of accenting colour to soften the look. As a result, the Paul Frank Industries line has done particularly well with young adults. The frames are all hand made and polished, and show great attention to detail.


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‘Step up to the bar’

Etnia Barcelona Eyewear

The Etnia Barcelona line seems to have found that delicate balance between classic appeal and trendy style. The ophthalmic collection contains both plastic and metal pieces, and the quality and workmanship of the product line has been phenomenal.   

Exciting for this summer was the release of the Etnia Barcelona Sunglass Collection. These bold sunglass pieces have been a huge hit in our optical.

A cool fun fact to know about the Etnia Barcelona line is that all their frames are named after international cities such as: Abu Dhabi, Budapest, London, Moscow, and Edmonton. Just don’t tell the people in the south, apparently their city didn’t make the cut! 

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eye-bar's Designer Closeouts!

I need to save some money!!!

Than check out eye-bar's great designer closeout section. We have recently added 100's of new eyeglasses to our designer closeout section at eye-bar. 

These eyeglasses and sunglasses offer great style, exceptional quality at a reduced price (most eyeglasses are below cost). Yes they might be yesterdays style according to eye-bar standards, but they are still well ahead of any product that you'll find in most optical stores. 

Don't buy 'cheap' glasses to save money, just buy a pair of our fabulous eyeglasses from our designer closeout section!


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New Oakley Sunglasses

EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA, just in time for summer, a new supply of Oakley Sunglasses has arrived at eye-bar opticians and sunglass specialists

Stop on in anytime and try them on. With Oakley's exceptional lens quality and durable construction, you'll quickly find out why these sunglasses are one of the best selling brands in the world.

One of our expert opticians can help you find your next perfect pair of sunglasses.

**Also ask our opticians about Prescription Oakley sunglasses. That's right. Even if you need glasses you can still wear Oakley's. 


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