Inside eye-bar: Spring is in the Air!

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The air is fresh, the roads are dirty and the sun is out! Yay spring is in the air! Spring often brings about change and at eye-bar we have some great changes to share. We are welcoming Christianne Paquet and Megan Bartkus to our team of licensed opticians. These ladies live and breathe service and have a passion for eyewear fashion which they would love to share with you next time you are in.

Licensed Optician - Megan Bartkus

Licensed Optician - Megan Bartkus

You may have noticed the sun beaming in your eyes again as you commute, which is great because it's no longer dark as you drive to and from work! But, you may want to make sure your eyes and the skin around your eyes are well protected from harmful UV rays. Statistics show that polarized sun lenses decrease motor vehicle collision rates. And, it's a good reminder that UV block for your prescription sunglasses decreases your chances for macular degeneration, cataracts and wrinkles of the tender skin around your eyes. Summer priced already, get your prescription sunglasses soon and get a jump on your summer sun protection.

Another great bit of news we wanted to pass on to you in case you haven't tuned into our facebook or twitter pages yet, Oakley sun lenses are available in a much broader range of prescriptions than they used to be. If you previously were unable to buy prescription Oakley sunglasses because your prescription is strong or unusual, when next you are in our neighborhood, come in to eye-bar and ask about the Oakley OTD Edge digital lenses, available in both single vision and progressive lens options. We may be able to accommodate your prescription now due to the expanded parameters Oakley is newly offering. 

Thank you for being our friends and supporting independent local business in Sherwood Park by being customers and patients of eye-bar.  We hope spring brings you fresh new perspective.

Keeping you in our minds' eye, the team at eye-bar. 

Paul Frank Industries Eyewear

It has been 5 months now since the debut of the Paul Frank Industries ophthalmic eyewear and sunglasses collections at eye-bar optician and sunglass specialists. The overall response to these lines has been incredible, and the timing couldn’t have been better! The Paul Frank Industries line encompasses the retro look and feel that is so in style these days. Big black plastic frames, with a hint of accenting colour to soften the look. As a result, the Paul Frank Industries line has done particularly well with young adults. The frames are all hand made and polished, and show great attention to detail.


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‘Step up to the bar’

Etnia Barcelona Eyewear

The Etnia Barcelona line seems to have found that delicate balance between classic appeal and trendy style. The ophthalmic collection contains both plastic and metal pieces, and the quality and workmanship of the product line has been phenomenal.   

Exciting for this summer was the release of the Etnia Barcelona Sunglass Collection. These bold sunglass pieces have been a huge hit in our optical.

A cool fun fact to know about the Etnia Barcelona line is that all their frames are named after international cities such as: Abu Dhabi, Budapest, London, Moscow, and Edmonton. Just don’t tell the people in the south, apparently their city didn’t make the cut! 

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eye-bar's Designer Closeouts!

I need to save some money!!!

Than check out eye-bar's great designer closeout section. We have recently added 100's of new eyeglasses to our designer closeout section at eye-bar. 

These eyeglasses and sunglasses offer great style, exceptional quality at a reduced price (most eyeglasses are below cost). Yes they might be yesterdays style according to eye-bar standards, but they are still well ahead of any product that you'll find in most optical stores. 

Don't buy 'cheap' glasses to save money, just buy a pair of our fabulous eyeglasses from our designer closeout section!


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New Oakley Sunglasses

EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA, just in time for summer, a new supply of Oakley Sunglasses has arrived at eye-bar opticians and sunglass specialists

Stop on in anytime and try them on. With Oakley's exceptional lens quality and durable construction, you'll quickly find out why these sunglasses are one of the best selling brands in the world.

One of our expert opticians can help you find your next perfect pair of sunglasses.

**Also ask our opticians about Prescription Oakley sunglasses. That's right. Even if you need glasses you can still wear Oakley's. 


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