Love your eyewear in any prescription!

Dr Amy Bakelaar talks about feeling confident in her eyewear.png

Do your glasses make you feel confident?

thick glasses

Your frame selection needs to take many things into account but it is also critical that your frame suits your prescription needs.

For example, our optometrist, Dr. Amy Bakelaar, has a strong nearsighted prescription (over -10.00) and the proper frame selection is extremely important to her. The frame she chose from Modo’s Eco Fall 2018 Collection will make all the difference in whether or not her new glasses are attractive and wearable - and she’s fussy.

With her high prescription in this bio-based frame, we can calculate that the visible edge thickness of the lens is less than 2mm. Not bad for such a high prescription! If she were to choose a similar metal frame with slightly larger lenses and a slightly lower quality lens material the visible edge thickness would be 8mm. The metal frame barely disguises this thick, ugly lens and Dr. Bakelaar would never wear this, ever.

Our eye-bar optical team will make sure your eyeglass frame selection is carefully considered to work with your prescription. We can calculate the exact thickness of the lens to make sure it looks as good as possible. You will love your glasses. We promise.