Eye Care Question of the Week: #6


Can my kids wear contact lenses?



Absolutely! Contact lenses can be a great option for kids who participate in sports like dancing, gymnastics, soccer, hockey, or skiing. Eyeglass can be hard to fit under many helmets, may fall off during flips and tumbles and can actually pose an ocular hazard during contact sports. Not wearing vision correction can be just as hazardous in some sports such as hockey, where optimal vision is required for peak athletic performance and personal safety from flying pucks.

Contact lenses are a safe and healthy alternative to eyeglasses when worn and cared for in a responsible manner. In order to ensure optimal patient compliance amongst teenagers our eye doctors will often lean towards using single use one day disposable contact lenses whenever possible. Contact lenses such as Dailies Aqua Comfort Plus and Acuvue TruEyes provide parents with the assurance that their child is always wearing a clean new healthy contact lens.

At eye-bar we don’t believe that children should rely completely on contact lenses for their vision corrections needs, but certainly they can play a role. To learn more about whether or not contact lenses are a safe healthy option for your child, book an eye examination with one of the optometrists at eye-bar today


Please note: Contact lenses are a medical device and should be treated with care and respect. All contact lenses should be fit by a trained professional to ensure optimal vision and ocular health.      

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