PANTONE Colour of the Year: Emerald

PANTONE® is the world’s leading authority on everything colourful. Think of them as a world-wide paint chip company. Industries like graphic design, fashion, interior design, and anyone who uses colour are able to communicate exact colour matches all over the world using PANTONE colour guides. Pantone also sets future colour trends in the fashion industry so high-end designers can be on the same page when it comes to seasonal trends (yes, even eye glasses!).

The colour of the year, as announced by PANTONE, is… (drum roll)… Emerald! Technically, it’s Pantone 17-5641, described as a lively, radiant, lush green. We’ve already got a selection of frames with this colour on our shelves, and we’ll be bringing in a lot more as we move into Spring. Stop by and get a head start on the hottest colour of the year!

Images from PANTONE.