Foggy Lenses? Meet Optifog

Optifog, the new anti-fog lenses and applicator system from essilor is now available at eye-bar. This revolutionary lens care product is designed to help reduce lens fogging when going from a cold to warm situations.

Lens fogging can be both annoying and dangerous depending on when your eyeglasses start to fog up. By simply applying one drop of activator to the front and back of your eyeglass lenses after you clean them, you can help to reduce lens fogging for up to 1 week. The Optifog lens activator provides a protective hydrophilic barrier to the surface of the lens preventing water droplets from forming on the surface, and instead produces a uniform film of water that is undetectable to the wearer.

The new Optifog anit-fog lens system is available as an upgrade on a wide variety of essilor products. To learn more, stop by our clinic to talk to one of our licensed opticians