Regular eye health exams by an optometrist are vital for monitoring, preserving and protecting your eye sight. 

Everyone, no matter their age or health, should receive a regular eye health exam by an optometrist every year. 

An eye exam provides peace of mind that your eyes are healthy and your vision is clear and sharp. An up-to-date eyeglass prescription can also help to reduce visual fatigue and eye strain while at work. 

The eye is one of the only places in the body that doctors can directly view the blood vessels.

An eye health exam by an optometrist can provide indications of high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. It can also provide early indications of eye diseases such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and cataracts. Early detection of eye diseases is crucial for limiting vision loss and preserving your vision for the future. We now offer advanced retinal imaging and optic nerve analysis as part of every routine eye exam.


Cost: $114.00