Lenses - Reglazing

Do you love your current eyeglasses or sunglasses, but need to change or update your lenses. Don’t replace them, reglaze them! Reglazing is a cost effective way to bring new life to your fashionable eyewear. Whether your current eyeglass lenses are scratched or pitted, or you have simply experienced a change in your prescription, then reglazing may be the perfect option for you. Reglazing is available for both non-prescription and prescription eyewear including specialty products such as Oakley Genuine lenses.

FYI: Reglazing is the English term used for
switching out your old eyeglasses lenses with new lenses.
We loved the term so much that we've adopted it at eye-bar

When done professionally, reglazing can be a fast cost effective process, so let the eyewear experts at eye-bar help guide you. Our Licensed Opticians will start by inspecting your eyewear to ensure that they are in good repair and that reglazing is a sound investment. We use the same high-quality lenses that we use in all of our glasses but we match the lens properties and design of your fashionable eyewear to ensure that we do not alter the fit or your vision.

Specialty Applications: We almost always recommend replacing both lenses when we reglaze to ensure symmetry in appearance and optical properties. Photochromatic lenses like Transitions (lenses that go dark outside) must always be replaced as a pair, as the speed of transition changes over time. Tinted lenses must also be replaced as a pair to ensure a balanced appearance.

IMPORTANT TIP: If it’s been a while since your last eye examination (over 1 year),
then we recommend first seeing your optometrist or booking yourself in
to see an eye-bar optometrist who can verify the accuracy of your prescription
and ensure that your eyes are happy and healthy.